Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Requirements
Hall of Fame Requirements for Nomination

The Bob Jones High School Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding alumni of BJHS who have maintained a high standard of excellence and made a significant contribution in their fields of endeavor, or persons who are not alumni, but have made a significant contribution to BJHS in the form of leadership, service, etc.  These individuals serve as role models for current and future Bob Jones High School students.

To qualify, alumni candidates must:

  • have been a graduate of Bob Jones High School, Madison, Alabama for a period of at least 10 years
  • have had significant accomplishments and made contributions while a student at BJHS through scholarship, service, leadership, and/or athletics

To qualify, service candidates must:

  • have made a significant contribution to Bob Jones High School
  • not be currently employed by or affiliated with Bob Jones High School
  • Former employees must have:
  • Worked for the school for 10 or more years OR
  • Be retired from BJHS, deceased, or not employed for at least 10 years

All candidates must meet the following selection criteria:

  • significant accomplishments and contributions while at post-secondary educational institutions, including degrees attained and fields of study, and/or
  • professional background and work experiences, and/or
  • significant accomplishments and contributions to civic and community involvement, and/or
  • other significant accomplishments including awards, honors, offices held, etc.