VMWare Home Access

Follow these directions to set up home access to your school virtual desktop.

VMWare View Client Download

« Click on the "VMWare View Client download" link above.

« Click the "View Client for ______" link so you may download the client program onto your computer.  There are downloads available for both Windows and Mac devices.  (To download the client onto a mobile device, go to the App Store and install the VMWare View Client.)

« Click the "Go to Downloads" link beside the correct product for your type of computer.

« Click the "Download" button and run the installation.

« When asked for the Default View Connection Server, enter: view.madisoncity.k12.al.us.  Leave other settings as they are.


NOTE: This is a one-time setup process.  After installation is complete, whenever you want to access your school desktop on the computer, just double-click on the "VMware View Client" icon on your desktop, enter your school username and password, and connect.  You may install the VMWare View Client on multiple home computers.