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Bienvenue à la langue française!

All homework is now being posted on Google Classroom.


Click on ANNOUNCEMENTS tab for info on

Québec 2016




Click on "Forms" tab to find information on:

   -Class Syllabi, Student Information Forms, and Technology Forms

     -Helpful Hints for the First Day of French I Class

Click on "Supply List" to be prepared for class

Visit the French Club Page

Don't forget to join the class Google Classroom page!

     - Log in to your MADISON CITY Google account (or it's not FREE). After logging in, go to the search bar and type in classroom. and you should see Google Classroom appear. Join the class with the appropriate code below. You can also download the free app. 

     - French 1 1st block = tuw3aq

     - French 3 2nd block = 5f3jhfk

     - French 1 3rd block = dr5sfz

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ALL Homework assignments for ALL classes will be posted on the class Google Classroom page.