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All students gain essential academic benefits from foreign language study.  Among these are improved communication skills, expanded knowledge of other cultures, greater ability to connect language content to other subject areas, increased awareness of their own language and culture, and heightened ability to enrich their personal and professional lives.  Research indicates that foreign language study has been linked with improvement in student creativity, memory, self-concept, critical thinking abilities, listening skills, and performance on standardized tests.  (Alabama Course of Study, World Languages)

The members of the Bob Jones World Language Department strive to create learners who are proficient in the 4 areas of language study- listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  Our goal is also to create life long learners who have a passion for continuing their studies of the language in college and throughout life, allowing them to become productive contributes to our rapidly growing global society.  Many of our students go on to study languages at the college level and have chosen careers in which their language study will make them a more valuable employee.

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