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Mrs.  Theresa  Anne  Gibson
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Hi! My name is Theresa Gibson, I usually go by 'Trace,' and I am a military wife and mother of three beautiful children (Kennedy is 13, Schaffer is 8, and Drew is 6). My husband is an Army intelligence officer assigned to MSIC on Redstone Arsenal. I completed my bachelor’s degree in English at Brigham Young University (a VERY long time ago), and I completed my master’s degree in English and certified in secondary education at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. We love living here in Madison, and are particularly impressed with the schools here. I’m grateful our children have the opportunity to attend them, as I teach alongside them, here at BJHS.

I love being a teacher; these sweet students become "my kids," and hold a special place in my heart. My main goal is to help them develop a true growth mindset--not just about themselves and their capabilities, but about others as well. I want them to recognize, appreciate, and cultivate their unique talents and qualities, and also respect the beauty and potential in people around them. I encourage students to view one another as learning resources, and realize their vital role in helping classmates learn and understand new perspectives. I try to model and teach skills (and give them tools) that will help them be successful throughout their lives, not just in school and on tests.

I feel that a big part of a teacher's job is nurturing characteristics like confidence, tolerance, diligence, and resilience; this is much more important to me than correcting every grammar mistake I can find. But I do know that literacy is imperative for their future success, and I will always diligently lead students in developing their skills with writing, reading, and especially deep thinking. I want them (and myself!) to become more introspective, reflective, and proactive.