Micky Worley Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
AP English 11, PreAP English 10


Honor Societies

  • Monrovia Middle School -Inclusion Teacher (Language Arts) January 2006-May 2006
  • Discovery Middle School-Inclusion Teacher (Language Arts) August 2006-August 2010
  • Bob Jones High School-English August 2010-Present


I began my teaching career at Monrovia Middle School in January of 2006. I had the opportunity to move to Madison City Schools in August of 2006. I taught inclusion language arts at Discovery Middle School from August 2006 until August 2010. I moved to Bob Jones High School in August 2010. During my time at Bob Jones, I taught academic strategies, reading skills lab, English 9, English 10, Pre-AP English 9, Freshman Comp, AP 11 Language & Composition, Pre-AP English 10, and Honors English 11. Fall of 2017, I am teaching Pre-AP English 10.  Spring of 2018, I will teach AP 11 Language & Composition and Pre-AP English 10.

Professor Von Whiskersen (orange tabby) is my furry child. I am quirky and retro. I love the movies, TV, and music from my youth.