Peggy Dupree Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Algebra 2 /Trig, AP Statistics, Pre-AP Algebra II w/Trig

  • BS Degree Mathematics - Ohio University
  • MS Degree Mathematics - Ohio University
  • Alabama Teaching Certification - Athens State University

  • Math Instructor - Ohio University
  • Math Instructor - UAH
  • Statistical Data Analyst - SDI
  • Math Teacher Bob Jones High School (current)
  • Math Instructor - Athens State University (current)
  • Math Instructor- UAH (current)
  • Online Math Instructor - Kentucky Community and Technical College Systems (current)


My name is Peggy Dupree and I am a math teacher at Bob Jones High school.  This is my 11th  year at BJHS and I really enjoy it.   I am currently teaching Algebra ,  Algebra II with trig (regular and honors)  and AP Statistics.  

I am a graduate of Ohio University.  I graduated with a Bachelors in Applied Mathematics (statistics)  and a Masters in Pure mathematics.  I taught in the math department at OU for several years.

After moving to Alabama, I decided to do something other than teach and worked as a data and systems analyst for several years.  I met my husband at work and decided to settle down in Alabama.  I have three wonderful boys.  I stayed home until the youngest went back to school and decided to go back to teaching.

I also teach at Athens State University and  the University of Alabama in Huntsville in the evenings.  When I am not teaching, you can find me at some type of sporting event with one of my boys.  We keep very busy, but we love it and I always find time for my students.