Lambert, Sylvia Principal
Horton, Courtney Assistant Principal
Mullins, Patrick Assistant Principal
Thaxton, Amy Assistant Principal
Champion, Kathryn College and Career Advisor
Fowler, Johnny Counselor (A-Go)
Griffith, Sonja Counselor (P-Z)
Hendrix, Pam Counselor (Gr-O)

Albert, Emily Math
Ames, Timothy Science
Anderson, Demarius Math
Bailey, Jonathan Science/Engineering
Bergeson, Kristen English
Bruni, Jennifer World Language - German/French
Bryant, Bill Social Science
Camp, Tamula CNP
Campbell, Jon English
Carroll, Holly Library Media Specialist
Castaneda, Brenda World Language - Spanish
Chambers, Kent Math
Chandler, Jennifer Math
Clark, Ellis AFJROTC
Cleveland, Michelle Science
Clough, Lesa World Language - French/Spanish
Coker, Nicole Science
Congo, Raymond World Language - Latin
Cox, Kimberly Math
Craft, B. Performing Arts/Drama
Creekmore, Monica Culinary Arts Teacher
Dauma, Robin English
Davis, Mary Performing Arts/Drama
Deaver, Whitney PE/Driver Ed/ Career Prep Teacher
Dennis, Jennifer Health Science Instructor
Dennis, Ryan Math
Dobbs, Jane Marine Biology
Drummond, Bridget Social Science
Drummond, Bridget Social Science
Dupree, Peggy Math
Edger, Kyleen English
Elegante, Daniel Science
Faris, Leah Social Science
Fields, Randall Performing Arts/Chorus
Gaines, Jessye Engineering
Gaines, Robin Health
Gibson, Theresa English 10 and Freshman Composition
Hadden, Sheila English/Test Prep ACT
Herd, Randy AFJROTC
Holden, Cynthia Science
Hoyle, Michael Social Science
Huskey, Cindy Library Media Specialist
Jarrett, Jenny Math
Jefferson, Brad Career Exploration
Johnston, Ben Science
Kerstiens, Megan Math
Lakso, Robin Visual Arts
Lanford, Steven Constrution/Agriscience
Lawson, Melinda Biomedical/CTE
Lewis, Christopher Collaborative
Mack, David Math
Maguire, Mary-Katherine Science Teacher
Marsh, April Physical Ed
Martin, Belinda Science
Martin, Charlotte English
Mayer, Timothy Special Services
McCarley, Donna Math
Medlen, Seth Social Science
Mitchell, Michelle Math
Mooney, Angela World Language - French
Murray, Nichole English
Norton, Jennifer Visual Arts
Norton, Jennifer Visual Arts/Teacher
Oliver, Mary Instructional Partner
Panagos, Brandy English
Patterson, Matt Social Science
Perry, Rebecca World Language - Spanish
Poarch, Mallory English
Polak, Emily English
Raper, Jeremy Engineering
Reyes, Nancy Secretary
Reynolds, Andre PE/Health/Head Girls Basketball Coach
Roberts, Krystine English
Rogers, Caleb Social Science
Rose, Kevin Social Science
Rountree, Jennifer Computer Science
Runnion, Thomas Science
Rutledge, Chuck Business/CTE
Schrimsher, Rodney Social Science
Schutzbach, Kyna Math
Schwartz, Nicole English
Scott, Debbie Social Science
Smart, Kevin Performing Arts/Asst. Band Director
Smith, Jared Math/Head Baseball Coach
Smothers, Hunter History / Teacher
Springer, Loren Social Studies
Stratton, Lois Science/Biomedical
Styles, Bryan Social Science
Styles, Dan Social Science
Summers, Rebecca Special Services
Sweatman, Matt Special Services/Head Wrestling/Asst. Football
Tarter, Teresa Math
Teare, Kathryn Science/Biomedical
Thomas, Leigh Director of Bands
Tincknell, Keith Special Services
Toles, Judy Resource Assistant
Travers, Richard Math
Van Dam, Brandy FACS/CTE
Wheeler, Kristy FACS/CTE
Williams, Zoe Math
Windsor, Shari Science
Worley, Micky English
Wright, Jonathan Social Science
Wrights, Chastity LEA of Special Services

Allen, Phillip Special Services Aide
Barkley, Nelson CNP
Barry, Diana Registrar
Brown, Sharon Bookkeeper
Buening, Charlotte CNP
Burruss, Anthony Plant Manager
Camp, Tamula CNP
Cannon, Teresa CNP
Clark, Lindsey CNP
Clark, Lynda
Collins, Charlotte
Davis, Merinda Paraprofessional
Elliott, Gary Custodian
Fletcher, Jacqueline CNP
Griffin, Gertha Custodian
Holman, Marilyn CNP
Kasulka, Sheila Nurse
Long, Melinda CNP Manager
Martin, Shirley CNP
Miller, Dotty Registrar
Neilson, Wanda Perm Sub
Parkes, Lisa Clerical Aide
Pruden, Angela Attendance Clerk
Robinson, Donald Custodian
Robinson, Laura Custodian
Rock, Carla Fee Payments
Stevens, Howard Custodian
Stinnett, Mary CNP
Toles, Judy Resource Assistant
Turner, William Plant Manager
White, Tammy CNP
Young, Melissa Library Aide

Bartlett, Ranae Board Member
PTA, BJHS Parent Teacher Association