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Popular Dance Club

PD is a dance club! Our name comes from music we typically dance to: Pop music! We focus on teaching fun choreography and learning stretches. Our current club president has danced and performed for 13 years!!


It’s all about teamwork! We help each other grow and learn. You have the opportunity to make friends with all types of students. We are there for each other, in and outside of practice.


High School can be rough, and we all know it. Dancing is great exercise and can help you de-stress and refocus, and it isn’t overly strenuous. It can lift your mood and improve your health! You can also gain confidence in yourself, which is not always easy. We meet Tuesdays right after school from 3:30 until 4:30!

There are NO FEES to join or partake in this club. You do NOT have to have previous experience with any kind of dancing or exercise. No matter if it is your first or fiftieth time dancing, we want you to come! Everyone is welcome!