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 Construction Finishing and Interior Systems is a one-credit course designed to facilitate student understanding of the finishing phase of a structure. Students become familiar with the exterior and interior finishing of a structure. Topics include career opportunities, safety, windows, doors, plumbing, electrical wiring, insulation, wall coverings, storage, and finishes.

  Introduction to Metal Fabrication is a course that provides students with opportunities to examine safety and technical information in metal fabrication and to participate in hands-on activities in the laboratory. Topics include career opportunities, safety, identification and selection, metal preparation and finishing, metal cutting, weld quality, shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), robotics and new technology, environmental issues, metal structure planning, oxyacetylene welding, and sheet metalwork.

Construction Framing is a one-credit course designed to provide students with an understanding of the framing phase of a structure, including framing components. Topics include career opportunities, safety, lumber, material estimation, floor systems, wall framing, ceiling framing, stair construction, roof framing, and roof materials in various structures.



These courses encourage critical thinking, use of the scientific method, integration of technology, development of student leadership skills, and application of knowledge and skills related to practical questions and problems. Safety concepts are integrated into instruction to the maximum extent possible.

Career and technical student organizations are integral, cocurricular components of each career and technical education course. These organizations serve as a means to enhance classroom instruction while helping students develop leadership abilities, expand workplace-readiness skills, and broaden opportunities for personal and professional growth.