National English Honor Society

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Welcome Lovers of Literature, Writing, and the Arts


NEHS Information 2017-2018


  • Service Hour Requirements: 6 Service Hours

    • Multiple opportunities provided each semester

    • No “double dipping”

    • Mandatory 1 Morningside OR Elementary Extended Day hour EACH Semester


  • Member Induction:

    • Mandatory to attend this year (ALL members, old and new)

    • Service opportunity to be provided during this time

    • Planning to be held the last week of September (25th-29th)


  • Attendance: You may miss a total of 2 meetings within the year.

    • If there is a conflict, talk to Ms. Poarch about it.

    • Excused absence from meeting = excused absence from school


  • Google Classroom:

    • Join for announcements, service sign-ups, member information

    • Code: w1wvt7n


  • Group Me:

    • Link:


  • Dues: $40

    • Seniors, please have dues in BEFORE February 2018


  • Behavior and Academic Integrity:

    • Behavior expected of an honor student

      • Respectful, professional, a leader

    • No academic misconduct

      • Cheating, plagiarizing, sharing of homework, etc.


***Members are always encouraged to make service opportunity suggestions (Google Classroom, Group Me, etc.). Please let us know the service opportunities that interest you!