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Welcome to the Bob Jones Model UN webpage!  We are glad to see that you have taken an interest in Model UN.  If you are interested in participating, come and see myself in B108 or Mrs. Faris in B105.  

In the meantime, you will find some information below that should give you a basic understanding of what Model UN is all about.   Our participation at conference largely depends on there being enough people interested AND committed to going.   If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email myself or Mrs. Faris.

What is Model UN?

Model UN lets high school and college students participate in a simulated United Nations conference to propose solutions to present-day international problem.  As a participant, you would be assigned a country in a particular committee.  Your role would be to debate the issues assigned to that committee from the viewpoint of your country.  Those who have an interest in international politics as well as debate will flourish in the Model UN environment.

"Ok...this is for me.  How do I join?"

There are no requirements to join.  No experience is needed.  Anyone who is interested can be a part of the program.  We do ask that you keep all of your grades at C or better, and that if you commit to Model UN, you stay committed.  Also, if you don't enjoy public speaking and/or doing a fair amount of research then this is probably not for you.

"Ok, I can handle all of that.   Is there any other specific information?"

Here are some other items for you to think about...

1.      We will be attending at least one conference in the spring, maybe two depending on commitments. 

2.      Those who participate bear the financial responsibility.  That responsibility includes registration fees, hotel costs, transportation costs, and food costs.

3.      All money is non-refundable, except in RARE circumstances.  So if you commit to need to be ready to participate and go the conference.

4.      You will miss, at least, 1-2 days of school for each conference.  For some students, this is an unsettling thought.  Be sure you are comfortable with this.  Also, before you commit, be sure to check that the dates of the conferences do not conflict with any other commitments you have.  If they do, you will have to make a choice and we will respect whichever choice you make.

5.      Most of what you will learn about Model UN will come through your actual participation.  We will hold a few meetings to go over the basics with you so that you are not totally blind.

6.      Going to conferences requires you to wear "western business attire".  Basically...dress clothes or what some might call, "your Sunday's best".

7.      We, the sponsors, expect EXEMPLARY behavior on your part.  We expect you to be ambassadors of Bob Jones High School and act accordingly.