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Latin Club

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Lingua Latin - Optima Maxima

The purpose of this organization is to promote a more thorough knowledge of classical life, history and literature; to impart a better understanding of the practical and cultural value of the classics; to interest other students in the classical languages and literature, government, laws, and arts; and as members of the organization, to pattern our citizenship in respect to family, school and nation after the best examples of the classical civilizations.

Latin Club has several events throughout the school year.  We participate in the Homecoming Parade, the World Language Festival, and the World Language Olympics.  We also have events outside of school functions.  We meet for meals, watch movies, and just have fun.

Latin Club is now on the educational website, Edmodo, as well as Twitter.  You can search twitter with #bjhslatin to find out what events are hapenning.  Please contact Mr. Congo for the group code for joining Latin Club through Edmodo.