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Prom Tickets can be purchases online at this address.  https://madisoncityal.csiepay.com/

Prom Date - March 31, 2012 

Prom Time - 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm

The Bob Jones Prom is a very special event held each year in the spring. The following guidelines and procedures have been implemented to help make prom the best it can be:

1.       It has been the custom at Bob Jones High School for the Junior Class to finance, plan, and decorate for the prom. Because of the costs involved EACH person that plans to attend must pay $50 per ticket (maximum 2 tickets each year). Both Juniors and Seniors will be given the opportunity to participate in a fundraiser to defer the cost of their admission.  Information about the fundraiser will be coming in Late September.

2.       In addition to the fundraiser, students are offered incentives to pay early for prom at discounted prices. The discounts are as follows:

Pre-Registration - August                                         price is $35   (discounted $20)
September - December:                                          price is $40   (discounted $15)
January - February                                                  price is $45   (discounted $10)

March 1 - March 23:                                                 price is $50  

If you participate in the fundraiser you will be credited for the items sold. This credit will apply no matter what time you decide to pay the remaining balance.

3.       THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS ISSUED FOR PROM. Money allocated to pay for prom is based upon estimated attendance.

4.       Any money left after expenses for prom have been paid becomes the property of that class to be spent as their senior class executive board members and advisors deem appropriate.

5.       All students are encouraged to attend prom with a guest. In order to ensure that the focus of this special event is on the students and their guest, parents and other family members and friends will not be admitted. Exceptions may be granted, on a case by case basis, for special needs students who will require caregiver assistance in order to fully enjoy the prom.

Guests to prom must be of high school age or under the age of 21.  Verification of a guest's age is due by ticket deadline.  (Verification is only mandatory for those that are not enrolled in Madison City Schools)

6.       The hours of the prom are 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm.

7.       Juniors and seniors will vote for the prom court during homeroom prior to the night of the prom. On the night of prom, juniors and seniors will vote on prom prince and princess and prom king and queen.  Lead-out will begin at approximately 10:15 p.m. followed by the crowning ceremony.

8.       Pictures need to be paid for at the time pictures are made.

9.       Appropriate dress will be formal or semi-formal attire and should follow the guidelines set forth in the student handbook

10.    Once a student leaves the prom facilities, he/she will not be allowed to return.

11.    All school conduct rules apply for prom. Bob Jones' students with dates who do not attend Bob Jones will be held responsible for their date's conduct.

12.    Deadline for purchasing tickets for the prom is: March 23, 2012