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Bob Jones High School Student Ambassadors

Bob Jones High School Ambassadors 

Ambassadors are student representatives of Bob Jones High School and our official hosts or hostesses. This is an HONOR. An Ambassador is someone the faculty and staff of the Madison City Schools and higher academic institutions look upon with respect. Ambassadors must maintain academic excellence and conduct themselves with dignity and integrity at all times.

Only upcoming Juniors and Seniors qualify. When applications become available in the spring, announcements will be made at school, and the information will be posted on the BJHS website.


Congratulations to our New Ambassadors for 2017-2018!


Current Ambassadors' Officers 2015-2016

President: Olivia Driggs

Vice Presidents: Colby Huskey & Ryan Williams



Savannah Brown

Ashlie Campbell

Devin Campbell

Katherine Downs

Olivia Driggs

Becca Fraley

Darby Harris

Colby Huskey

Celie Krome

Caroline Lang

Jordan Lehman

Dylan Meyer

Kyle Parker

Karthik Reddy

Riley Shrode

Annie Sieja

Gabrielle Skillern

Caroline White

Ryan Williams

Shelby Wilson



Sophia Almanza

Malachi Battle

Jessica Clements

Serena Davis

Megan Hastings

Elizabeth Kasprzak

Kaylee Kendrick

Olivia Knowling

Aditi Limaye

Madeline Mack

Elijah Madkins

Arnav Mathur

Danielle McDowell

Abbey Patrick

A.J. Revera

Jenna Risky

Erika Scherer

Hannah Shin

JoAnne Stevens

Savannah Walker


Meeting Information

Date: 1st Thursday of every month

Time: 7:30am

Place: Media Center